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Event Details

Pick out a pumpkin and get ready for a fall obstacle run/walk and haul you'll never forget.  About a mile jaunt through open fields, up and down hills, through a corn maze, over and under straw bales, plus some other very fun obstacles all throughout our brand new venue at Meridian Park in association with the Meridian Metro District. - all while haulin' a big daddy pumpkin (or a baby one, you get to pick)!

Registration Categories

Registration includes: Up to a Basketball-Size Pumpkin, TGPH Haulin Shirt, Event Photos, Custom TGPH Finisher's Medal, Meridian Park Fall Festivities, Muscle Burn & Soreness!


You can do it!
Your biceps will thank you and your arms will look great in the photos!



If you aren’t feeling quite up to the task of carrying a
10-40lb pumpkin for a mile of crazy fun then grab a friend and form a team where you can
“share the load”:  2 people, 1 pumpkin and a $5 savings.
You do the math.



Form a team of 4 or more you each save $5 on entry (plus you can create a really cool team name and have matching tees/themed costumes).

KIDS 0-12yrs ARE JUST $15

Registration includes a bib, sweet haul tee, mini pumpkin and finisher medal. 

About the Pumpkins: 

*Planning on being a double hauler baller? Only those who carry both pumpkins with no assistance (back packs, slings, etc) are eligible for our double hauler baller award. If you aren’t in it for the award but just the challenge then by all means strap those pumpkins in!

*Please note:  
A basketball sized pumpkin comes with entry. If you’d like to go for hauling a big daddy pumpkin our pumpkin team will have a separate lane for you where you can have your pumpkin measured and will be charged a couple additional dollars (depending on size).

Advanced Packet Pick-Up: 

*Early Packet-Pickup: TBD

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